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707-Fly Edge, Kora Kendra Flyover Bridge, S.V. Road,
Borivali (West), Mumbai 400 092.

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1. Understructure : Consist of pedestals, stringers & screws made out of zinc coated steel available in different heights & thickness as per requirement. Aluminum die cast pedestal tops are also available for low lock system.

2. Ventilation Panel : Ventilation Panel/Airflow panel are made out of all steel construction, available in size 600 x 600mm, 50mm thickness, top finish with antistatic laminate & beading. This panels are having 22mm dia holes, 42% open area for air circulation. Special metallic damper is attached on the back side of the tile for controlling the airflow. The damper can be adjusted by key from top without opening the panel. These panels are use in the server rooms where under floor precision air-conditioning units are installed.

3. Panel Lifter : A small handy tool for opening & closing tiles at the time of services.

4. Electrical Switch Box : Electrical socket concealed box installed in the access floor tile by making proper cut out having provision for opening/closing the flap. Used as nearest electrical point in server rooms at the time of installation & repair of the control panel.

5. Grommet : Made out of high grad PVC/Fiber available in round/Rectangular shape. Grommets are fixed on the access floor tiles by making proper cut out and having provision for passing the wires. This prevents cuts in the wires at the time of installation & maintenance. Also gives the finish look. Also controls the air leakage.



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